NOBORDER NEWS TOKYOの目指す3つの社会。(Three aspirations of NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO community.)


NOBORDER NEWS TOKYOは、意識的に言論の多様性を保証することで社会変革に寄与します。

Diversification of Speech Space

NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO deliberately contributes to social revolution by ensuring diversity of speech. First of all, we focus on the creation of a media space embodying a wide variety of opinions by overcoming centralization of the information pathway which mass media in Japan fell into, based on Middle Media framework that came out in March 2012. On that basis, we aim to be a high quality Media Company promoting social innovation as well as providing a media environment for the development of healthy democracy.


NOBORDER NEWS TOKYOは、女性やLGBTを象徴とする社会的マイノリティーの社会進出を目指します。

Advancement of Gender Minority

NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO aims for advancement of social minorities such as women and the LGBT community.

Our goal is not limited to having 50% of advisers, employees, staff and volunteers being women. We also aim to have half of our participating journalists, press, anchors and performers fall with this scope as well. On top of that, we take social responsibility as an incubation firm; having 50% of women and LGBT in management roles in the future.


NOBORDER NEWS TOKYOに参加するものは誰でも、非営利活動「THE VOICE OF FUKUSHIMA」を通じて社会貢献することを求めます。3.11で「永遠のツナミ」の被害を受けたFUKUSHIMAの人々が中心となって立ち上げた「THE VOICE OF FUKUSHIMA」構想(2013年1月スタート)に参画し、とかく風化されがちな「福島の声」を集め、日本および世界に発信する活動を支えます。またNOBORDER NEWS TOKYO参加者が各々の方法でTHE VOICE OF FUKUSHIMA構想を通じて社会貢献できるようなメカニズムを育成していくことを目指します。

Social Contribution THE VOICE OF FUKUSHIMA

NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO participants collectively contribute to society through Non-Commercial activities supporting “THE VOICE OF FUKUSHIMA”. THE VOICE OF FUKUSHIMA, launched January of 2013 primarily by people from FUKUSHIMA, is a vision of those who were victims of the “perdurable tsunami” on 3.11. We actively support transmitting and gathering the “voice of Fukushima.” A voice seemingly weakening within Japan and the rest of the world. Our goal is to foster a structure allowing participants of NOBORDER NEWS TOKYO to make social contributions through this vision, THE VOICE OF FUKUSHIMA.